Letter: Mainstream media ‘brainwashing’ Hispanic/Latino voters

On April 28, pro-illegal alien protesters rioted outside a Donald Trump rally in Orange County, Calif. The next morning, the mainstream and their professional political talking heads, particularly the “professional” Hispanics/Latinos, are having a field day expressing their opinions. They are all busy telling everyone what all Hispanics think about Trump, about Republicans, and of course about immigration.

(Article by Wilson County News Editor, republished from http://www.wilsoncountynews.com/article.php?id=72640&n=section-general-news-letter-mainstream-media-brainwashing-hispanic-latino-voters)

Unfortunately, the media can’t (won’t) find Hispanics to express a conservative, pro-America, anti-illegal immigration point of view.

As a conservative, constitutional American of Mexican descent, I support legal controlled immigration, but I oppose illegal immigration. I feel we must 1) secure the border completely, 2) deport all illegal aliens, and 3) end the magnets that bring them to the United States.

We must stop rewarding illegal aliens with the benefits, rights, and privileges that should be reserved for legal residents and citizens. Otherwise, what’s the point of being a citizen and having a legal immigration system?

I feel the protesters at this rally were paid professional anti-American agitators, and politically immature and socially insecure people who have no idea how great our nation is.

As for the “professional” Hispanics/Latinos, these are people like Geraldo Rivera on Fox News, Jorge Ramos on Univision, and a multitude of Latino political experts who get paid to speak on behalf of, and who know what Hispanics think and say. These “brown” talking heads and their mainstream media friends have been claiming for the past few years that anti-immigration rhetoric will drive away the Hispanic/Latino vote.

However, the mainstream media and their Hispanic/Latino allies will very rarely give a conservative, constitutional American of Latino descent equal time to counter their comments, in English or Spanish. I call it “brainwashing” and racism, when they allow one point of view to be expressed to and about one segment of society by certain identifiable (Hispanic/Latino) persons.

Americans of Mexican descent should not be classified or categorized into one political, social, or economic corner. The media should let us all speak from many and various points of view.

In the case of the protesters on April 28, what part of the word illegal don’t they understand? What part of the phrases “freedom of speech” and “freedom to peacefully assemble” don’t they understand?

Let me know. I’ll be glad to explain it to you in English or Spanish.


San Antonio

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