Mainstream media propagandists blindly circulating more Trump fake news, this time about the president’s father

The fools who pass themselves off as journalists in the establishment media have such a knee-jerk hatred for President Donald Trump they’ll publish anything that even remotely appears to substantiate their pre-conceived biases.

So upset that a plain-spoken and sometimes gruff billionaire businessman and reality TV host was able to soundly defeat Queen Hillary in a face-to-face election, hacks at the Washington Post leapt on an unsubstantiated claim by a previously unknown organization that Moscow distributed anti-Clinton propaganda to 200 websites, who then published the “fake news.” Why? Because there had to be some reason Trump won other than the fact that Clinton was just a horrible, uninspiring candidate. So the Post published the claim without even checking it out.

Come to find out, the claim was completely bogus, and the Post was forced to publish a sort-of, kind-of retraction. Oops. (RELATED: We keep the mainstream media honest at

Because Trump was revealed once to have said some inappropriate sexual things about women, Buzzfeed and CNN were just certain that an “intelligence dossier” containing some nasty, salacious things Trump allegedly did – that the Russians knew about – both published stories about the dossier (Buzzfeed published the entire document and is now facing a defamation lawsuit), again without verifying a single word that was in it. Never mind that the “dossier” had been floating around establishment media and U.S. intelligence circles for months, without a single claim made in the document having been verified. It sounded like something Trump would do, so these idiots went with it.

Now, because we all know Trump is an overt racist, it must run in the family, right? That’s the preconception that allowed another group of “journalists” to be duped into running with stories claiming that, in the late 1960s, Fred Trump, the president’s father, plotted a run for mayor of New York City and made racist TV ads that he allegedly planned to run.

Except that they were fake – good ones, but fake nonetheless.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, the fakes were mentioned in an essay written by longtime Clinton operative Sidney Blumenthal and published by the London Review of Books:

In 1969, Fred Trump plotted to run for mayor of New York … He made two test television commercials. One of them, called ‘Dope Man’, featured a drug-addled black youth wandering the streets. ‘With four more years of John Lindsay,’ the narrator intoned, ‘he will be coming to your neighbourhood soon.’ The ad flashed to the anxious faces of two well-dressed white women. ‘Vote for Fred Trump. He’s for us.’

The other commercial, ‘Real New Yorkers’, showed scenes of ‘real’ people from across the city, all of them white. Fred Trump, the narrator said, ‘is a real New Yorker too.’ In the end he didn’t run, but his campaign themes were bequeathed to his son.

Shortly after the essay appeared, the videos that he discussed were shared mightily among establishment reporters. In fact, the Washington Post’s fact-checker, Glenn Kessler, was among the first to begin sharing them. As you can see, he’s deleted the Twitter page in which he first mentioned the bogus videos.

Not only did Fred Trump never run for NYC mayor, he also never had any test videos/commercials made.

The Post finally figured that out. The paper said the ads were created by a company called Historical Paroxysm, which portrays “found footage from alternate realities.” (RELATED: See how else they’re trying to fool us at

“In other words, they create archival-looking footage mirroring alternate histories,” the Post reported. The fake ads were posted to Twitter and Vimeo in October; they’ve since been taken down.

It should be obvious by now who the real media is and who are the pretenders: The alternative media, like us, are the only fact-based news organizations in operation these days. The old-guard, Left-wing establishment media continues to discredit itself with fake reports, fake news, and fake data because it is inundated with Alt-Left hacks posing as reporters and editors who believe their own false narratives about our president. They made up their own reality: Trump isn’t a racist, he isn’t a homophobe, he’s not a misogynist, and he’s no bigot, but because these idiots have convinced themselves Trump is all of these things, they continue to get it wrong when it comes to covering him and his presidency.

And that’s not going to change, by the way. Lying and making things up about conservatives and Republicans is a badge of honor for the Alt-Left and its Democratic Party. Pathetic as that sounds, it’s true; how much would you wager that Kessler won’t be fired, fined or punished in any way by his employer, the Post, for his fact-checking blunder?

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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