Wolf Blitzer’s network (CNN) is an enemy of the people, but he insists it’s “dangerous” to point that out

The Clinton News Network (CNN) is having a really hard time getting over the fact that Americans finally have a president who’s willing to call the corrupt media machine to task for constantly lying to the public with its publishing of fake news. The Situation Room’s Wolf Blitzer, a longtime CNN icon, couldn’t help himself during a recent episode of his low ratings show, accusing the President of engaging in “potentially very dangerous” discourse with the American public every time he points out CNN‘s faux journalism tendencies – as if telling the truth is some kind of crime for which the President should be punished.

Blitzer, the same talking head who then-presidential hopeful Donald Trump completely destroyed last spring during a pre-election interview, took to grilling White House Correspondents’ Association President Jeff Mason about the matter. He demanded that Mason offer insights as to how he’s addressing the “problem” of President Trump essentially referring to CNN as “enemies of the American people,” to which Mason offered something of a canned, politically-correct response.

“That is rhetoric that we reject,” Mason acknowledged, “and is just not something that I think is helpful to the public discourse and it’s not, again, it’s just not something that’s true.”

CNN is a domestic terrorist organization that’s now playing the victim card

It probably won’t come as a surprise that Blitzer was more than pleased with Mason’s answer. After all, it confirms his own delusions that President Trump’s rhetoric is somehow “dangerous,” even at the same time that his network’s relentless and unwarranted attacks against our lawfully-elected president are somehow a-okay and perfectly in-line with CNN‘s perverted standards of “journalism.”

But it’s important to remember that it’s not just the President that CNN is attacking; it’s also our constitutional republic. The raging fires of hate and division that CNN stokes day in and day out while calling it “news” are having a much more disastrous effect on our social climate that anything President Trump decides to “tweet” on any given day.

CNN has an agenda, and that agenda is to unseat President Trump by spreading as many lies as it can get away with. What CNN is doing qualifies as sedition, making it more of a domestic terrorist organization than a credible news outlet. If anything, President Trump is going easy on CNN by merely calling it fake news, when in fact it represents a clear and present danger to the stability of our nation.

Blitzer and his fellow CNN cronies aren’t fooling anyone when they pretend as though they’re somehow the victims in this whole matter. More Americans than ever can see very clearly that CNN has been the enemy all along, and that its agenda has been to disrupt and destroy the democratic process as it pertains to the fair election of a president. CNN and its bedfellows need to accept the fact that Donald Trump won the election fair and square, and stop manufacturing lies in an effort to have him removed simply because they don’t like him.

“The media’s taken itself to dig where there’s nothing to dig up,” points out Cheryl K. Chumley for The Washington Times. “And the attitude of the media has become, by God, we’ll keep digging until we find something.”

“That’s what makes the media an enemy – an enemy of truth, an enemy of this administration, an enemy of the American people. Too many within its ranks want to pretend like they’re watchdogging, when really they’re witch-hunting. And when a few get caught outright skewing and deceiving – when they’re caught red-handed and have nowhere to turn to hide – the media then wants to act like they’re self-policing and holding themselves accountable.”

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