Another way CNN constantly lies about everything: Selective editing

Brian Stelter from CNN Money‘s “Reliable Sources” program is fed up with people criticizing his network. All this talk about fake news and phony journalism is making him pretty gosh-darn mad. And what he wants the world to know is that, in his estimation, if you call a spade a spade when it comes to CNN‘s journalistic dishonesty that you’re certifiably “anti-journalism” and filled with “hate” ­– despite the fact the CNN has repeatedly been caught lying and selectively editing news to push its own agenda.

In a series of tweets, as well as in his daily email news updates, Stelter hasn’t been able to talk about anything else besides all those meanies out there who would dare to hold CNN accountable for all the information it publishes that isn’t true. Somehow it’s “anti-media” in Stelter’s mind for folks to call CNN to task for completely making up fake news and publishing it as real news. I mean, who are they to question CNN in taking (and making) every opportunity to generate public distrust in President Trump by spreading unfounded rumors about his connections to Russia, right?

That’s what this is all about, of course – CNN‘s endless railing against the President for supposedly allying with Russia to hack the 2016 election, or some such nonsense. It’s as if CNN wants the public to believe that Vladimir Putin used some kind of mind control technology to force Americans to pull the lever for Trump instead of Clinton – and now that’s all we’re going to hear about for the next four years.

It would be one thing if CNN actually had evidence to back these ridiculous claims, in which case one would expect the Atlanta-based network to pony it all up to settle the issue once and for all. But of course it doesn’t – its only proof being the deranged narrative as presented last fall by a bitter and delusional Hillary Clinton who was angry that she didn’t win the presidency.

Every time CNN ‘apologizes’ after being caught deliberately publishing fake news, one of its reporters should have to be fired

These crybabies and “crybullies” really just need to get over it. They aren’t doing themselves or the public any favors by continuing this whole charade, especially when it’s already been proven on numerous occasions that they routinely and unashamedly publish fake news. Take CNN‘s carefully edited footage of an incident in which a Milwaukee woman called on rioters to storm the suburbs and wreak havoc following the shooting of an armed man by a police officer.

In the original, unedited footage, the woman, reported to be the sister of Sylville Smith, is clearly heard calling on her angry neighbors to take their violence out of the city so as to preserve their own neighborhood. It was a clear call to violence that should have gotten her arrested on the spot – that is, if the media had actually reported the truth of what happened.

Instead of showing this footage in its entirety, CNN actually doctored it up to make it appear as though the woman was calling for an end to the violence. See for yourself the way CNN completely doctored up the interview to change the narrative entirely – completely vindicating its status as the King of Fake News.

Perhaps someone needs to send this footage to Stelter to remind him that accusations of CNN spreading fake news are not some kind of wild conspiracy theory – it’s a fact. And the sooner this failing network realizes the difference, the better its chances of changing course, firing all the bad apples, and cleaning up its act to, perhaps, just maybe, one day be considered a reliable source of real news.

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