The American Pravda media isn’t merely biased against Trump — it’s HYPER-biased, which is why most Americans can’t stand them

While you may personally not be a fan of President Donald J. Trump, an electoral majority of Americans voted for him — defying predictions, political logic, and the American Pravda media, most of whom still have not accepted the fact that he beat perhaps the most corrupt presidential nominee ever in Hillary Clinton. (Related: #StandAgainstCensorship by taking action: 10 powerful things you can do NOW to take back your freedom from the “techno tyrants”)

The media’s disbelief has since turned into a seething anger, with most inside-the-Beltway reporters, correspondents, talking heads, and commentators waking each morning only to find they are triggered by the fact that the president is still president (and still tweeting).

But it’s not because they haven’t ‘done their part’ in trying to make him an ex-president, even before he serves his first term in office. Since about 9 o’clock in the evening on Election Day, Nov. 8, 2016, when it became apparent that not even California’s majority could push Clinton’s derrière to victory the “mainstream” media has been conspiring to undermine and destroy the Trump presidency with no small amount of false allegations, unsubstantiated suppositions, and outright fake news.

In fact, according to a new study by the Media Research Center, fully 91 percent of coverage of Trump by the three broadcast networks — ABC, NBC, and CBS — during the first two months of this year was negative, Lifezette reported.

That is such a lopsided statistic that there is no way the networks can spin it: They don’t like our president and what’s more, they have no intention of covering him fairly.

Lifezette noted further:

Researchers analyzed the three networks’ evening newscasts throughout January and February. Of the 712 evaluative statements made by anchors, reporters or supposedly non-partisan sources about Trump and his administration, only nine percent were positive. A total of 647 statements were negative in tone and assessment.

“This study, along with those we published in 2017, shows that even after 14 months, the liberal media remain utterly unreconciled to Trump’s presidency,” Rich Noyes, MRC’s research director and author of the study, told LifeZette in an email. “In my 30+ years of studying the media, it is absolutely unprecedented for a president to receive such relentlessly negative coverage for such a long period of time.”

Is all of this Trump hate justified? Depends on who you voted for, I guess, but if you want to be fair, you’d have to conclude that, no, it’s not fair.

Consider why.

Since Trump was elected, the stock market has gone wild, setting scores of records — nearly daily for months — for new “highs.” “The markets have been roaring,” Ernesto Ramos, head of equities at BMO Global Asset Management, told The Wall Street Journal in January. With each new stock market record, the retirement accounts of tens of millions of ordinary Americans grow.

Meanwhile, wages for American workers have been rising as well in the Trump era, thanks to the president’s pro-growth policies. “President Donald Trump’s first full year in office saw gains that easily outdistanced any year for his predecessor, Barack Obama, whose best showing was the 2.2 percent increases in 2016 and 2014. Six of Obama’s eight years in office saw gains of 2 percent or less,” CNBC reported in January. In fact, in many industries growth is coming so fast there aren’t enough workers to keep pace.

“Though the media has been loathe to report this fact, 2017 has been a banner year for the U.S. economy,” Fox News Laura Ingraham said late last year on her evening program, “an incredible comeback from President Obama’s non-recovery recovery.”

But most Americans don’t know these things because the Pravda media won’t report them. They’re too consumed with their #TrumpHate to be honest purveyors of news and information, as the MRC study proves.

That helps explain why trust in the media continues to fall; they continue to attack a president the majority of the country outside California voted for.

J.D. Heyes is editor of The National Sentinel and a senior writer for Natural News and News Target.

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