News Fakes /newsfakes News Fakes Thu, 29 Dec 2016 17:52:32 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The top 10 most outrageous science hoaxes of 2016 /newsfakes/2016-12-29-top-10-most-outrageous-science-hoaxes-of-2016/ /newsfakes/2016-12-29-top-10-most-outrageous-science-hoaxes-of-2016/#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Science hoaxes were running rampant throughout 2016, pushed by the fakestream media (CNN, WashPost, NYT, etc.) alongside complicit government organizations working in collusion with dishonest corporations steeped in scientific fraud (Monsanto, Big Pharma, etc.).

2016 saw more science hoaxes than a typical year, with the media placing special emphasis on the Zika virus terror campaign (rooted in total scientific hucksterism) and more climate change propaganda (all based on fraudulently altered data). In every case, those pushing the science frauds claimed to have a divine monopoly on “science” while declaring all opposing views to be “unscientific.”

In this way, much of the “science” in today’s corrupt society has really become nothing more than a cult of scientism, complete with “faith” in the correctness of socially-reinforced beliefs while exercising instant rejection of evidence that contradicts the fairy tale narratives of the science elite.

Sadly, “science” in 2016 functioned more like a priesthood of dogmatists fervently demanding the obedient worship of their unassailable assumptions. On every issue that matters, data were thrown out the window and replaced with fraud. To drive home the fraud, the scientifically illiterate lamestream media catapulted the propaganda to new heights, even while remaining completely oblivious to the laughably false “science” they were promoting.

Here, I offer a summary of the most outrageous science hoaxes of 2016, along with a few links where you can explore more. By the way, the video on the “Cicret bracelet” invention that claims to turn your arm into a mobile device touchscreen is also a complete fraudulent hoax that has fooled millions of people, and I cover that in detail at the bottom of this article.

My primary message for 2017 is to stop believing in all the fake science being pushed by media, governments, academia and corporate liars.

Science Hoax #1: “Scientific” political polling

Through the entire year, we were all subjected to an endless onslaught of so-called “scientific” political polls that almost universally showed Hillary Clinton would win the election.

All the “scientific” polls were wrong, it turns out. (And yes, I called all this well before the election, on the record.)

What we now know is that the word “scientific” was slapped onto these fraudulent polls to try to give them an aura of credibility when, in reality, they were all fabricated or distorted to give Hillary Clinton the appearance of certain victory.

But guess what? All the experts were wrong. But how is that possible if all these polls were “scientific” as claimed? Are the pollsters now telling us that science is broken?

Or maybe, just maybe, they were making s##t up all along and there wasn’t any real “science” behind the “scientific” claim in the first place.

Science Hoax #2: The Zika virus terror campaign

2016 saw the rolling out of an elaborate media-fronted Zika terror campaign designed to scare the entire country into ridiculously believing that mosquito bites would cause millions of women in America to give birth to babies with shrunken heads.

Yeah, I know, it sounds like something a Batman villain would threaten to unleash in Gotham City. “Pay me one million dollars or all your babies will be born with shrunken heads! Mwuah hah hah!”

But, alas, the American sheeple bought the medical science hoax hook, line and sinker. Belief in the Zika virus microcephaly hoax was so deeply embedded in the psyche of the nation that even when the Washington Post published a story admitting there was no link after all, the vast majority of so-called “scientists” and doctors still believe the hoax!

So, for the record, I’ll say it again in the hopes of educating all the scientifically illiterate “scientists” who still don’t understand actual facts: The original wave of shrunken heads in Brazil was caused by a larvacide chemical that was dumped into the water supply, not by the Zika virus alone.

The “Zika apocalypse” predicted by all the doctors, scientists and TV talking heads simply did not materialize. And when evidence contradicts your theory, you have to start questioning your theory. Otherwise, you aren’t a scientist. You’re just a petty fool.

Science Hoax #3: The Flint Michigan lead poisoning cover-up

In order to poison a million black children with brain-damaging lead, the U.S. EPA masterminded a large-scale science fraud that deliberately altered heavy metals testing results for the Flint, Michigan water supply. Eventually, a few of the science scapegoats were charged with felony crimes for engaging in a conspiracy to alter water quality test data, but no one from the EPA was ever charged or prosecuted for their role in the scheme. (This also proves, by the way, that conspiracies are quite real and very much alive in our society right now.)

The result of all this was the mass poisoning of mostly African-American children with a toxic heavy metal that’s well known to damage cognitive function and impede learning.What a great way to raise more democrats! It’s all part of the new “science” of keeping the sheeple dumbed down so they will keep voting for corrupt criminals like Hillary Clinton. Instead of “let them eat cake,” the new progressive Jon Podesta version is, “Let them drink lead!”

Science Hoax #4: The banning of GMO labeling nationwide by scientifically illiterate Republicans

In the name of “science,” Republican lawmakers passed the so-called “DARK Act” to outlaw honest food labeling of genetically engineered foods.

Apparently, Republicans believe that knowledge is a dangerous thing in the hands of consumers, therefore preventing people from knowing what they’re eating is the best solution.

This was all accomplished via an unholy alliance among biotech corporate giants (like Monsanto) and right-leaning lawmakers, most of whom have never met a toxic chemical they didn’t absolutely love.

Notably, while Democrats are passing local laws that criminalize Big Gulp sodas, Republicans are blocking labeling laws as a way to say, “If you don’t SEE the poison on the label, it doesn’t actually count!” Keeping consumers in the dark is now the official science policy of the federal government.

How’s that for transparency?

Science Hoax #5: Climate change data fraud

Democrats have their own science fraud, of course, and there’s no better example than global warming / climate change.

An analysis of climate data reveals that 100% of U.S. warming has been faked by altering temperature data.

To the great frustration of celebritards like Matt Damon, the data don’t show any warming at all unless you “cook” the numbers first. This means “climate change science” is actually more like climate change alchemy, which isn’t science at all. It’s more like Tarot cards mixed with voodoo blended with AlGoratotalitaritopian idiocy.

Note to intelligent people: If the world were really warming, they wouldn’t have to alter the temperature data, would they?

Science Hoax #6: Abortion organ harvesting for “scientific research”

According to leftists, chopping up living human babies who have just been forcibly “birthed” in order to harvest their organs and brains isn’t unethical at all. Nope, it’s a tremendous advancement for scientific research, you see.

Organ harvesting isn’t just limited to places like Communist China and North Korea: The practice is alive and well in America, too. But in the U.S., it takes on a genocidal milestone because most abortions are carried out on black babies… yep, the very same black babies that were also intentionally poisoned by the EPA in Flint, Michigan (see above).

Hmmm… there seems to be a pattern in all this, but I can’t quite put my finger on it… but it definitely seems to have something to do with killing as many black babies as possible while labeling it all “science.” It’s noteworthy to remember that Adolf Hitler’s eugenics programs were also conducted under the umbrella of “science.” It seems not that much has changed in almost 80 years… except that instead of Jews being exterminated by the millions, it’s now black babies being exterminated by the millions while democrats demand an open borders human blitzkrieg to replace them all with socialist-leaning illegal aliens who are uninformed enough to vote for leftists.

Science Hoax #7: The California vaccine mandate

Another large-scale science hoax that also happens to place a disproportionate burden on African-American babies is the California “medical police state” vaccine mandate pushed by California’s own “Mercury Joker” Dr. Richard Pan.

After receiving bribes from vaccine makers, the “medical child molesting” California state senator Richard Pan took part in a media-backed medical terrorism campaign against California’s citizens, attempting to scare everyone into falsely believing that the best way to protect the health of children is to inject them with mercury (instead of, I don’t know, maybe feeding them nutritious foods and vitamin D).

The entire vaccine mandate was founded on blatantly fraudulent quack science claims fronted by the child-murdering vaccine industry, which continues to absurdly insist that vaccines pose zero risk to children (i.e. claiming they do not harm a single child…ever). The claim is, of course, rooted in sheer delusion. But that’s also what passes for “legislation” in California.

We can only hope California’s #Calexit effort succeeds soon, so we can build a wall around California and stop the contagious epidemic of lunacy from spreading Eastward.

Science Hoax #8: Janet Yellen’s libtardtopia economics “science”

No summary of science quackery would be complete without bringing in the subject of “economics.” Yes, it qualifies as a science… at least if you ask the economists. (If you ask non-economists, it qualifies mostly as voodoo.)

Nevertheless, according to Janet Yellen and the decrepit “wizards of collapse” who are currently steering the global debt Titanic directly into an array of large shards of icebergs, the best way to keep a global economy in balance is to create endless new money until the whole thing explodes, at which point the system collapses to “equilibrium” where everybody starves roughly the same amount (i.e. Venezuela).

To demonstrate this brilliant hypothesis, Yellen and her crotchety academic cohorts have been busy pumping trillions of fiat currency dollars into the pockets of their bankster pals while raising interest rates to accelerate the debt avalanche apocalypse timetable. Ideally, they hope to trigger the whole thing to come crashing down sometime during Trump’s first term. Then, they’ll all express total shock and dismay while pleading to the press that we should all “Bring back Obama because he was a monetary genius!” (Or perhaps a radical Muslim sleeper cell working for the communists to subvert America, but that’s another hilarious satire article altogether.)

As a cherry on top, Obama also doubled the national debt in just eight years, all while handing Iran a path to nuclear weapons, dissing Israel, subverting American culture, gutting the U.S. military and secretly telling his Russian counterparts he would drastically reduce U.S. nuclear capabilities.

Yes indeed, the “dream team” of Obama, Clinton and Yellen has pulled off what America’s worst enemies could not: The near-complete financial paralysis of the U.S. economy all while claiming “Everything is awesome!”

Thank God all the pensions across the country are fully funded, huh? Or that would be a real disaster.

Science Hoax #9: Transgenderism and the lunatic liberal “theory of spontaneous genetic transmutation”

2016 also saw many gullible people being convinced to believe that a biological man can instantly transform himself into a biological woman by declaring himself to be a woman.

At least one “journalist” even claimed that a transgendered man could become pregnant after declaring himself to be a woman. Yes, science education in America has utterly collapsed at this point, replaced with liberal P.C. insanity and delusional college lesson plans rooted in “feelings” rather than physical reality. Across most of today’s gender-confused college-educated youth, belief in the laws of genetic expression have been replaced by belief that a person’s sex is a “choice.” It’s no longer permutations, phenotypes and genotypes… it’s now metrosexual, generation snowflake, pu##ified blathering idiocy with a diploma, “safe space” cry rooms and $100K in student debt.

Sorry to burst their bubble of stupid, but sex classification isn’t a personal choice. A simple genetic test shows you either have XY chromosomes, XX chromosomes, or the far more rare extra-X-or-Y chromosome defect which typically leads to serious physical and mental defects (including infertility). Somebody please direct gender confused college snowflakes to the National Human Genome Research Institutes fact sheet page on chromosomes.

According to today’s college snowflakes, the National Human Genome Research Institute is a “purveyor of HATE” because their fact sheet page says all these mean things about chromosomal defects:

Inheriting too many or not enough copies of sex chromosomes can lead to serious problems. For example, females who have extra copies of the X chromosome are usually taller than average and some have mental retardation. Males with more than one X chromosome have Klinefelter syndrome, which is a condition characterized by tall stature and, often, impaired fertility. Another syndrome caused by imbalance in the number of sex chromosomes is Turner syndrome. Women with Turner have one X chromosome only. They are very short, usually do not undergo puberty and some may have kidney or heart problems.

Thus, there are only two sexes in the biology of all mammals: Male and female. And no, you don’t get to change them up just because you think it’s trendy to be a gender-confused metrosexual snowflake.

This doesn’t mean you can’t be gay, by the way. Gay men still realize they’re men. They just choose male partners instead of female partners. On the spectrum of personal freedom, I say people should be able to partner with whomever they want. Gay or straight, it’s all a personal choice as far as I’m concerned, because it’s none of my business… and stop shoving your sexual preferences in my face, all you militant gay mafia activists. Just be gay and be done with it. The “gay rights” war is over, and you already won it. Stop being bullies and thinking you’re still oppressed victims. Marry whomever you want, but just #STFU about it already. Obama already lit up the White House with rainbows, for God’s sake.

But to say that yesterday you were a male, but today you’re a female… now that’s just technically bonkers. You’re not really a female. You’re a male impersonating a female and that’s it. Bruce Jenner, take note: You are not a woman, no matter how much you want to impersonate one.

The greatest insult in all this was when some fashion magazine voted Bruce Jenner “Woman of the Year,” instantly declaring that this guy who impersonates a woman is a better woman than all the other women. Dudes with dongs out-women the women? And that’s celebrated by the women? Yeah, it’s insane. And all these same “progressive” women also insist that pervs with dongs should be able to invade women’s restrooms, too, because that’s “embracing gender identity and inclusiveness” blabbity blah blah.

Get a grip, people. Check your drawers and briefly fondle your hardware. If it’s junk, you’re a dude, and stop playing with it already. If it isn’t, you’re a woman. If you have both, go ask a doctor to run a genetic test and find out if you have ovaries.

Science Hoax #10: Every science “journalist” working for the fakestream media

This is more of a collection of hoaxes rather than a single hoax. It all centers around the hilarious fact that most science “journalists” are scientifically illiterate morons who only think they understand science. I remember reading a science column in a major U.S. publication that claimed cell phones could run on water. (Yeah, I know. I tried that by dropping my cell phone into a glass of water, but it turned off all the power for some strange reason. Maybe I need “special” water?)

There has also been a wave of hilariously stupid media coverage for this bracelet computing project called “Cicret” that ridiculously claims to “turn your arm into a touchscreen.”

The entire video promoting this “Cicret” bracelet is a complete fraud. Racking up almost 25 million views on Youtube, the video shown here is accomplished purely with special effects overlays. The bracelet does not exist and cannot exist as depicted in the video for the simple reason that light cannot bend around the curvature of your arm.

Incredibly, countless “journalists” across the mainstream media fell for this total hoax, stupidly believing that a hi-res touchscreen rendition can be projected onto your skin from a bracelet that barely sits just a few millimeters above your skin in the first place. Question for brain dead “science” journalists: Do you really believe light rays from the Cicret can bend around your wrist and then magically bounce off skin that isn’t in a direct line of sight with the bracelet projector?

Seriously, you have to be incredibly stupid (or scientifically illiterate) to think the Cicret bracelet, as depicted in the videos, can actually function. But that sure didn’t stop publications from all across the world pushing the hype and convincing their readers that this “cool tech” was real.

And yes, the younger people are on social media these days, the more gullible they are, too. So special effects “viral videos” can be very successful at raising millions of dollars in “Kickstarter” funds for devices that cannot ever exist because they violate the laws of physics. It’s a whole new kind of financial scam that’s legal because it only extracts money from people who are too stupid enough to believe the viral videos. In summary, “Kickstarter” viral videos are a tax on stupid progressives the same way that the lotto is a tax on stupid conservatives.

And now that I’ve thoroughly offended everyone, let’s wrap all this up…

2016 was a bad year for the credibility of real science… let’s hope 2017 is better

In summary, 2016 saw the pushing of numerous science hoaxes by the fakestream media, governments, academic institutions and corporate propaganda whores like (Oh, and we can’t leave out the actual whores running SNOPES, who were exposed as prostitutes and fetish bloggers.)

So how do we rescue science in 2017? It’s simple: We start using science to tell the truth instead of allowing governments and corporations to use science to lie.

A few fundamental scientific truths I’d like to see finally embraced in 2017 would include:

– Yes, there is extraterrestrial intelligence in the universe.

– Yes, there is (or was) microbial life on Mars.

– Yes, human consciousness is non-material and not located in the physical brain.

– Yes, vaccines cause autism.

– Yes, flu shots still contain mercury.

– Yes, there are many anti-cancer foods that can help prevent cancer.

– Yes, transgenderism is a mental disorder, not a “choice.”

– Yes, glyphosate causes cancer.

– Yes, DEET is toxic to human neurology.

– Yes, genetically engineered crops seeds are a genuine threat to the environment and the food supply.

– Yes, water can retain non-physical properties that subtly alter its interactions with living systems.

– No, carbon dioxide is not the enemy of mankind.

– No, chemotherapy does not “cure” cancer. It often makes it worse.

– No, harvesting organs from living human babies is not “ethical science.”

– No, science journals are not unbiased, objective arbiters of truth.

– No, “scientific” political polls are not reliable. They are bunk.

– No, the “experts” are not as smart as they think they are. Mostly, they’re idiots who have attained high positions of “persistent idiocy” in academia or government, and their job is to protect the idiocy for as long as possible, making sure no one overthrows idiocy with intelligence.

Stay informed all year long via some of our new science-based websites, including:


/newsfakes/2016-12-29-top-10-most-outrageous-science-hoaxes-of-2016/feed/ 0
Prostitutes for the Presstitutes: SNOPES fact-checkers revealed to be actual whores, fraudsters and deviant left-wing fetish bloggers /newsfakes/2016-12-25-snopes-fact-checkers-actual-whores-david-mikkelson-elyssa-young-presstitutes-fraud/ /newsfakes/2016-12-25-snopes-fact-checkers-actual-whores-david-mikkelson-elyssa-young-presstitutes-fraud/#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 The propagandizing “fact-checking” website SNOPES is being run by a whore-digger who defrauded the publisher out of $98,000 to hire prostitutes, say now-public divorce documents. One of the site’s administrators is an “escort-porn star,” and a fact-checker at SNOPES turns out to be a fetish sex blogger named “Vice Vixen domme,” explains the UK Daily Mail. The SNOPES organization, reports the paper, was founded through an elaborate fraud scheme, and its CEO married an international escort worker who traveled the globe to be banged by “VIP” clients who posted glowing online reviews of why she’s such a good choice to be hired as a “lover.”

Facebook recently announced it would rely on SNOPES to “fact-check” news articles to make sure Facebook operated with high integrity standards and full transparency. In reality, the announcement was a thinly-veiled attempt to censor independent journalism by labeling real news “fake news” with the help of all the left-wing (actual) whores and fraudsters at SNOPES.

SNOPES has frequently labeled truthful reporting on vaccines, GMOs and false flag shootings to be “false” information, siding with liberals, President Obama and the corporate establishment on nearly every topic. While claiming it is an arbiter of truth, SNOPES really functions as just another liberal propaganda mouthpiece, declaring left-wing propaganda to be “truthful” while slamming anything that contradicts liberal ideology or Big Government narratives. In this way, SNOPES mirrors Politifact, which is also run by left-wing propagandists and mind manipulators.

SNOPES, “claims to be one of the web’s ‘essential resources’ and ‘painstaking, scholarly and reliable'” says the Daily Mail, which goes on to explain:

It was founded by husband-and-wife Barbara and David Mikkelson, who used a letterhead claiming they were a non-existent society to start their research. Now they are divorced – with Barbara claiming in legal documents he embezzled $98,000 of company money and spent it on ‘himself and prostitutes’. founder David Mikkelson’s new wife Elyssa Young is employed by the website as an administrator… she has worked as an escort and porn actress and despite claims [that SNOPES] is non-political ran as a Libertarian for Congress on a ‘Dump Bush’ platform. Its main ‘fact checker’ is Kimberly LaCapria, whose blog ‘ViceVixen’ says she is in touch with her ‘domme side’ and has posted on while smoking pot.

This montage shows the original SNOPES founders (bottom right) alongside the “Vice Vixen” escort-porn star now working there:

“The CEO of, the fact-checking website that was recently named as one of Facebook’s “fake news” arbiters, has been accused in divorce proceedings of appropriating company funds which he allegedly spent on expensive holidays and prostitutes,” reports

The founders’ names are David Mikkelson and Barbara Mikkelson. Via Breitbart:

Barbara has claimed that her former husband embezzled money from the company. Court documents obtained by the Daily Mail state that Barbara accused David of “raiding the corporate business Bardav bank account for his personal use and attorney fees.” Barbara also claims that David embezzled $98,000 over four years, which “he expended upon himself and the prostitutes he hired.” Barbara claims that David spent $10,000 from their business accounts between April and June of 2016 to fund an expensive 24-day holiday for him and his “girlfriend.”

Here’s a composite of online posts from Elyssa Young, the new bride of David Mikkelson, who also ran an online escort posting. She’s now an administrator at SNOPES, which gives a whole new meaning of “prostitutes” aiding “presstitutes.”

Court documents: SNOPES CEO embezzled $98,000 to hire prostitutes

This divorce document states that SNOPES CEO David Mikkelson embezzled money from the company to hire prostitutes. As shown in the document below, courtesy of UK Daily Mail:

…embezzlement of $98,000 from our company over the course of four years, which were monies he expended upon himself and the prostitutes he hired…

In addition to marrying an escort service tease, David Mikkelson thinks he should be paid $720,000 a year to run the SNOPES left-wing propaganda website. Via the UK Daily Mail:

David wanted his salary raised from $240,000 to $360,000 – arguing that this would still put him below the ‘industry standards’ and that he should be paid up to $720,000 a year.

‘As I said, based on industry standards and our revenues, my salary should be about 2x to 3x what it is now,’ he wrote in an email to Barbara in April 2016. ‘I’ll settle for $360K with the understanding that it’s to be retroactive to the start of the year.’

Banging whores with “sweet liberal shill money”

“According to divorce papers, Snopes co-founder David Mikkelson started taking all sorts of trips around the world to bang whores after that sweet liberal shill money started rolling in,” reports Zero Hedge.

“While engaging in this debauchery, Mikkelson wrote off just about everything as a business expense, embezzling a reported $98,000. The Snopes co-founder has since settled down and married a [NSFW] part time porn actress, administrator (spicy!), and sex worker. As in, she has a website devoted to being a whore.”

Lying for the left also turns out to be incredibly profitable. “David kept their joint baseball card collection, a savings account with $1.59 million balance, and other savings worth more than $300,000,” reports the paper.

Here’s a photo of the SNOPES founders posing as complete slobs with their obese cat perched on a couch that looks ripped out of the 1970s. David’s expression almost seems to say, “What I really wanted was some VIP pu##y and all I got was this obese creature annoying the hell out of me… plus a cat!”

SNOPES CEO marries a prostitute who has been banged by men from around the world… is that “diversity?”

SNOPES CEO Mikkelson’s new wife, Elyssa Young, has been banged by so many other paying customers that you can actually find online reviews for her “services.”

This particular review states that she “travels overseas extensively” and is a great choice “if you seek a lover.”

Hiring and marrying actual whores to “services” the presstitutes in the fakestream media is all part of SNOPES’ “diversity” program, according to the CEO. “Our editorial staff is drawn from diverse backgrounds,” Mikkelson told the UK Daily Mail.

If he means diversity in sexually transmitted diseases, he’s probably right. Can you imagine the vast array of viral populations festering in the crotches of these despicable “fact-checking” sleazebags?

Another SNOPES fact-checker turns out to be a pot-smoking fetish gear sex blogger who thinks Republicans fear females

The bizarre, twisted “diversity” of SNOPES’ staff doesn’t end there. Another SNOPES “fact-checker” named Kim LaCapria is a fetish gear sex blogger, according to

Writing under the pseudonym Vice Vixen, Snopes fact-checker Kim LaCapria regularly wrote about sex and fetish gear on her own blog, which was described as a lifestyle blog “with a specific focus on naughtiness, sin, carnal pursuits, and general hedonism and bonne vivante-ery.” LaCapria’s blog often featured reviews of sex toys. One particular review reads, “If you are doing something to your fella, and you apply this to the base of his cash-and-prizes while you carry on, he will scream and perhaps cry.” On another blog, LaCapria once described what she did on her day off, writing that she “played scrabble, smoked pot, and posted to Snopes.” She then added, “That’s what I did on my day ‘on,’ too.”

TruNews adds:

Snopes “fact-checker” Kim LaCapria claimed on her personal blog that she has “posted to Snopes” after smoking marijuana. As TheDC previously revealed, LaCapria describes herself as “openly left-leaning” and once claimed that Republicans fear “female agency.”

Official “fact-checkers” turn out to be steeped in debauchery, betrayal and deviant behavior

What’s astonishing in all this is how Facebook has already announced it will rely on SNOPES to “fact-check” news articles. Because SNOPES has long been run by left-leaning liberal propagandists, everyone knows Facebook’s “fact-checking” is really just a new form of censorship to silence independent journalism.

The fact that left-wing propagandists also happen to be actual whores, and men who marry whores, and people who reportedly embezzle money to hire whores is no surprise to anyone. The political left has descended into cabal of liars, thieves, asshats and intolerant, abusive hate-mongers who have been widely rejected by most of civil society. Revelations about SNOPES only further confirm what we’ve all known about the opinion leaders on the left for quite some time: They’re mostly sick, twisted, mentally ill sociopaths who have no ethics, no morals and no dedication to actual truth. They lie when it’s convenient; they stab each other in the back (feel the Bern!); they have weird sex fetishes (Bill Clinton’s numerous sex assaults on women); they routinely cheat on each other (Bill Clinton is not Chelsea Clinton’s father); and they LIE, LIE, LIE while proclaiming that have a divine monopoly on “truth.”

That Mark Zuckerberg would appoint these people to “fact-check” Facebook news just makes Zuckerberg a sicko and a psycho. In doing so, he’s in good company with other globalist psychopaths like Jeff Bezos, George Soros, Bill Gates and Ted Turner. Other small-time propagandists who operate with a similar degree of fraud and deception include:

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia who launched the propaganda venture using money earned from being a porn king.

– Jon Entine, a biotech industry propagandist who was exposed by Natural News for being a violent psychopath who physically attacked his wife in front of their own child.

– James “the Amazing” Randi, who was caught on tape soliciting sex acts from young men.

James Randi, in turn, leads to David Gorski, the discredited “skeptics” blogger and cancer surgeon who has been reported to the FBI for a series of allegations involving the same cancer center where now-imprisoned cancer surgeon Dr. Farid Fata committed widespread criminal fraud by falsely diagnosing patients with cancer so he could profit from “treating” them.

All these people are leftists. What they have in common is their complete abandonment of truth, ethics and morality in their psychopathic quest for power. They are all willing to lie, cheat, steal, defame, slander or, in some cases, even murder people in order to get their way.

Oh wait, let me guess: SNOPES is going to investigate these accusations against SNOPES and proclaim that everything in this story is false. Therefore, all criticism of SNOPES is “fake news” by definition, because the authenticity of the monopolistic arbiter of news can never be questioned, you see.

The Ministry of Truth is alive and well in America, and it’s run by deviants, traitors and whores. If you believe anything you read on SNOPES, you’re a complete fool.

Ditch Facebook, Google, CNN and the WashingtonPost

All this helps explain why people are ditching Facebook, Google News, CNN, MSNBC and all the corrupt, twisted “mainstream” news sources and turning to independent, alternative news gateways.

To assist people in finding independent, truthful journalism run by intelligent, ethical people who don’t embezzle money to hire whores, here are several solutions: provides a near-real-time update of news headlines from all the popular independent media websites like Breitbart, NaturalNews, Infowars, Zero Hedge, Activist Post and more. (More sites being added soon.) is an independent search engine that searches indy news website. It’s refreshed daily, and you can use it to find breaking news on all the topics that are routinely censored by the mainstream media. Click here to see a real-time search result for “SNOPES Elyssa Young” brings you real-time news headlines on specific topics from across the independent media. There, you can monitor news feeds covering the DEA, FDA, FBI, CIA and the CDC. Or monitor news on topics like encryption, psychiatry, smart meters, population control or influenza. brings you real-time news headlines from across the Natural News universe of websites, including,, and more. is part of the Diaspora open source social network system, which is an uncensored alternative to Facebook. Thousands of former Facebook users have already migrated to where every post appears in your feed. is Twitter alternative where content is entirely uncensored. It’s still a relatively small site, but it’s growing rapidly. Find our feeds at and


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The greatest examples of fake news are Obama’s Iran deal lies and the fraudulent Obamacare promises /newsfakes/2016-12-15-the-greatest-examples-of-fake-news-are-obamas-iran-deal-lies-and-the-fraudulent-obamacare-promises/ /newsfakes/2016-12-15-the-greatest-examples-of-fake-news-are-obamas-iran-deal-lies-and-the-fraudulent-obamacare-promises/#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 German leader Angela Merkel met with President Obama during a November press conference in Berlin, where Obama lamented that the age of fake news stories is upon us. Obama observed that, “In an age where there is so much active misinformation and it’s packaged very well … If we are not serious about facts and what’s true and what’s not … we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems. If everything seems to be the same, no distinctions are made, then we won’t know what to protect. We won’t know what to fight for. We can lose so much of what we’ve gained … .”

In the observation, Obama seems to ignore some of the heaviest abuses of media manipulation conducted by his own administration – abuses which he has brazenly boasted about.

Ben Rhodes, who is part of Obama’s inner circle, is described by White House staffers as “the single most influential voice shaping American foreign policy aside from [Obama] himself.” Rhodes can “mind-meld” with the president, which is why when Obama decided to negotiate the Iran nuclear deal, Rhodes sought to influence the media into supporting the effort, with little concern about how it got done.

Rhodes launched a twitter account “dedicated to delivering the facts and answering your questions about the deal and how it enhances American national security.” Under the final negotiated deal, there is a path for Tehran to eventually acquire nuclear weapons.

In May 2016, Rhodes boasted, “The Obama administration cooked up a phony story to sell Americans on the Iranian nuke deal, lying that US officials were dealing with ‘moderates’ in the Islamic theocracy who could be trusted to keep their word.” Rhodes took credit for helping to push the belief that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was a moderate. He then tried to justify this by saying, “The public would not have accepted the deal had it known that Iranian hard-liners were still calling the shots.”

There were also fraudulent Obamacare promises exposed by Jonathan Gruber. Obama sought to take advantage of the “stupidity” of the average American voter. Members of the Obama team knew all along that it was a tax. Sleight of hand focused on the American’s people’s concerns over rising healthcare costs was used to fool the American people into paying to cover the uninsured.

“Barack Obama’s not a stupid man, okay?” Gruber boasted. “He knew when he was running for president that quite frankly the American public doesn’t actually care that much about the uninsured. … What the American public cares about is costs. And that’s why even though the bill that they made is 90 percent health insurance coverage and 10 percent about cost control, all you ever hear people talk about is cost control.”


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Rand Paul on CNN bias: “It’s clearly a partisan network, and there’s no news” /newsfakes/2016-12-15-rand-paul-on-cnn-bias-its-clearly-a-partisan-network-and-theres-no-news/ /newsfakes/2016-12-15-rand-paul-on-cnn-bias-its-clearly-a-partisan-network-and-theres-no-news/#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Senator Rand Paul does not play by the rules that the political machine wants him to play by. The libertarian anti-politician has been the source of controversy ever since his first infamous filibuster. Constantly annoying members of the establishment — both Republicans and Democrats — by fighting for actual freedom in the United States, Paul has never been one to pull punches when it comes to speaking his mind.

Because calling it like he sees it has become Paul’s M.O., you can expect him to sound off on all of the stupidity plaguing the mainstream media these days. That is precisely what he did recently and the results are both humorous and important.

In an interview with Matt Boyle of Breitbart News Daily, Senator Paul stated, “You know, I think they’re so openly partisan that I can’t even hardly turn on CNN in the morning, that they’re going on and on about potential conflicts of interest. Not that they’ve said this is a conflict of interest. They just go on and on and on, so it’s clearly a partisan network, and there’s no news.”

Despite the fact that the likes of CNN love to talk about how unbiased their reporters are, even the slightest amount of research goes to show otherwise. The mainstream media outlets were all so obsessed with the idea of Hillary Clinton winning that they actually referred to everyone who considered voting for Donald Trump as racist, which is simply an absurd statement. Considering the fact that America spoke and Trump won, it goes to show just how far removed most of these people are from reality.

It’s even more refreshing to see someone like Senator Paul — who openly wasn’t a supporter of Donald Trump — is willing to point out the massive flaws with the way that CNN reports on the so-called news. Instead of openly admitting that they have a liberal bias (which would at least add some integrity to their network), they pretend that they are completely unbiased and are merely reporting on the facts.

Unfortunately for them — and to a certain extent, us — it is completely obvious that they are not bipartisan. They do not give conservatives a fair shake and they completely write off libertarians as being psychopaths. Everything on the left is correct and everything on the right is wrong to these people. It’s simply unfair and inappropriate and we are all lucky that people like Rand Paul are willing to call out this hypocrisy.



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Ministry of Truth bill advances in Congress /newsfakes/2016-12-14-ministry-of-truth-bill-advances-in-congress/ /newsfakes/2016-12-14-ministry-of-truth-bill-advances-in-congress/#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Earlier this week Congress made headway on what might be described as a Ministry of Truth bill.

A measure in the National Defense Authorization Act “calls on the State Department to lead governmentwide efforts to identify propaganda and counter its effects. The authorization is for $160 million over two years,” reports Stars and Stripes.

The bill passed in the House on Wednesday. It will move to the Senate next and, if it passes there, will be presented to the president for his signature.

In March, Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, and Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., authored the “Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act.” It was initially intended to combat Russian “propaganda” in Ukraine, Moldova, and Serbia.

The focus changed after the Democrat party said Russian propaganda had an effect on the election and helped Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton.

“In the wake of this election, it’s pretty clear that the U.S. does not have the tools to combat this massive disinformation machinery that the Russians are running,” said Murphy.

Specifically, the bill will expand the State Department’s Global Engagement Center. The center focuses on “empowering and enabling partners, governmental and non-governmental, who are able to speak out against these [terror] groups and provide an alternative to ISIL’s nihilistic vision,” reports Disinfo.

The government supported center will offer services ranging from planning thematic social media campaigns, to providing factual information that counters disinformation, building capacity for third parties to effectively utilize social media, and research and evaluation writes Harry Henderson.

In other words, the State Department’s Global Engagement Center acts as a Ministry of Truth, the government bureau responsible for propaganda and historical revisionism in George Orwell’s classic novel on totalitarianism, Nineteen-Eighty Four.

The legislation that passed through the House calls for an executive branch effort to combat “Russian manipulation” of the media. It says “active measures” are required to fight against information at odds with what is reported in the United States by the government through the establishment media.

“There is definitely bipartisan concern about the Russian government engaging in covert influence activities of this nature,” said Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee. “If you read section 501 of this year’s intelligence authorization bill, it directs the President to set up an interagency committee to ‘counter active measures by Russia to exert covert influence over peoples and governments.’ So that shows you that senators from both parties are clearly concerned about Russian covert influence efforts.”

Following Clinton’s defeat, an anonymous group of self-proclaimed “experts” said alternative news websites act as “useful idiots” for the Russians.

The group, PropOrNot, posted a long list of websites it says are dupes for Russian propaganda. The Washington Post gave credence to the unsubstantiated claim when it published a story highlighting the efforts of the anonymous group.


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Gerald Celente explains why the mainstream media now joins the trash heap of history /newsfakes/2016-12-14-gerald-celente-explains-why-the-mainstream-media-now-joins-the-trash-heap-of-history/ /newsfakes/2016-12-14-gerald-celente-explains-why-the-mainstream-media-now-joins-the-trash-heap-of-history/#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Gerald Celente describes himself as a “political atheist.” He is not a fan of conventional wisdom, television pundits or liars. Nearing 70 years of age, he’s still a one man powerhouse who tells it as he sees it. As a truth seeker’s truth seeker, Celente’s ability to spot and forecast future trends before they happen is legendary. Since 1980, his platform has been his personally created namesake called the Trends Research Institute. From this platform, Celente prognosticates a wide variety of topics: science, economics, entertainment, societal trends, politics – and much more.

In May of 2016, he called out Donald Trump as the odds on favorite. In July of 2016 Celente unabashedly predicated a Trump win for the presidency. In an interview with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog shortly after the election, Celente commented; “There were a lot more losers in this race than Hillary Clinton.” By this he means, among others, the Obamas’ White House, including Michelle, the Hollywood elite and the mainstream media, the undoing of which is one of the Trends Journal top trends for 2017.

Celente believes that the Trump win isn’t just a political reshaping, and the momentum driving his victory is much bigger than the “populist movement” label. Americans are disgusted with the entire establishment – media, politics, music and more. The brainwashing of the mainstream media has become absolutely evident to 70 percent of the people, says Celente. That large percentage of the population knew they were being lied to by the media during the presidential election cycle.

Many well know that newspapers, along with television and radio pundits who blatantly supported Clinton and the establishment, “have lost all credibility,” according to the strategist, who calls the collective group a bunch of “presstitutes.” Daily newspapers will diminish and limit printing to a couple of days a week. Lay-offs are in progress at the New York Times. Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, News Corp, which owns the Wall Street Journal, is also in the midst of lay-offs, with revenues down by 21 percent. The Nation is another bastion of “progressive” thinking, says Celente, who gives them a tongue lashing:

“Grow up! … You little nation of nothing little slimers.”

CNN is the Cartoon News Network, says Celente, who believes that CNN and MSNBC only offer “the same disgusting people selling their same stupid lies.”

These remarks are quite similar to the tongue lashing President elect Donald Trump recently gave to Jeff Zucker, the CNN head honcho, along with other top executives and reporters from MSNBC, NBC and CBS. The NY Post reports that many well known personalities attended that Trump Tower meeting. Those in attendance were Erin Burnett, David Muir, George Stephanopoulos, Lester Holt, Martha Raddatz, Wolf Blitzer and Charlie Rose, among others. Trump did not hold back his disgust:

“We’re in a room of liars, the deceitful, dishonest media who got it all wrong.”

This election cycle certainly wasn’t the first wave of full-on media compliance to a myth that needed to be sold, though it’s  possible that some of these media propagandists actually believe the lie themselves. With Facebook and Google manipulating the masses as the arbiters of truth, it’s up to each of us to dig deep for the facts, no matter where they lead.

Like 9/11, for example, and all that propaganda about al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden’s life and death. These lies have killed millions of innocent people while destroying the infrastructure, industry, soil, lives and livelihood of many more millions. I’ll bet Gerald Celente thinks that President-elect Trump should crack open the books for a truthful and legitimate 9/11 investigation, don’t you?


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Alternative media website demands retraction by Washington Post after ‘fake news’ story /newsfakes/2016-12-13-alternative-media-website-demands-retraction-by-washington-post-after-fake-news-story/ /newsfakes/2016-12-13-alternative-media-website-demands-retraction-by-washington-post-after-fake-news-story/#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Naked Capitalism, a website accused of spreading fake news by The Washington Post, has demanded a retraction.

Yves Smith, aka Susan Webber, the editor of the financial news and analysis website, posted on Monday that First Amendment and defamation lawsuit lawyer Jim Moody will represent the website. Moody defended Linda Tripp, who worked in the Pentagon’s public affairs office and secretly recorded Monika Lewinsky.

On December 4, Moody sent a letter to the editor and publisher of the Post demanding the article be retracted and an apology issued. The Post reported Naked Capitalism and dozens of other sites peddle fake news as part of a Russian conspiracy to get Donald Trump elected.

“Fake News contains extremely damaging false allegations constituting defamation,” Moody said in the letter. “You did not provide even a single example of ‘fake news’ allegedly distributed or promoted by Naked Capitalism or indeed any of the 200 sites own the PropOrNot blacklist.”

Smith said in a post on the website that the shadowy group PropOrNot had deceived The Washington Post.

“I also hope, particularly for those of you who don’t regularly visit Naked Capitalism, that you’ll check out our related pieces that give more color to how the fact the Washington Post was taken for a ride by inept propagandists” at the anonymous site, Smith explained.

“If the site is flagrantly false with respect to things that can be checked, why pray tell did [The Washington Post] and its fellow useful idiots in the mainstream media validate and amplify its message? Strong claims demand strong proofs, yet the Post appeared content to give a megaphone to people who make stuff up with abandon. No wonder the members of PropOrNot hide as much as they can about what they are up to; more transparency would expose their work to be a tissue of lies,” Smith added.

U.S. News & World Report stated several news outlets are considering taking legal action against the Post.

“I haven’t had any financial damages yet, so that’s the only reason I haven’t started a libel suit,” the publisher of Blacklisted News, Doug Owen, told U.S. News & World Report.

Mark Allin of Above Top Secret and the editors of Counterpunch said they are keeping their options open. Jeffrey St. Clair said CounterPunch is “exploring our options and digging on our own into the misty background of PropOrNot.”

The Washington Post reported that the executive director of PropOrNot spoke with the paper “on the condition of anonymity to avoid being targeted by Russia’s legions of skilled hackers.”

Journalists are protected from revealing confidential sources under the First Amendment. In addition, courts have ruled reporters are protected under the Second, Third, Fifth, Eighth, Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh amendments.


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Washington Post threatened with defamation suit as news site demands retraction /newsfakes/2016-12-13-washington-post-threatened-with-defamation-suit-as-news-site-demands-retraction/ /newsfakes/2016-12-13-washington-post-threatened-with-defamation-suit-as-news-site-demands-retraction/#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Editors and reporters at The Washington Post really stepped in it when they ran with a bogus story accusing more than 200 web sites of acting on behalf of Russia to push propaganda via “fake” news reports, in a bid to help Donald J. Trump win the presidency.

As Natural News founder, Mike Adams the Health Ranger, reported after the piece appeared last month, the Post may have just committed the journalistic equivalent of suicide after publishing a “shoddy hit piece, sourced from a secretive and shady group of shadowy people who refuse to identify themselves, with the intention of blacklisting news sites that disagree with the kind of state-run propaganda printed by WashPost.”

How bad was the tinfoil hat conspiratorial piece? So bad that The Intercept, co-founded by The Guardian’s veteran reporter Glenn Greenwald—who co-broke the Edward Snowden story with the Post—lambasted WaPo for running with it after several other news agencies passed it up. In fact, Greenwald co-wrote a piece for The Intercept heavily criticizing the Post for its blatantly conspiratorial (and incorrect) report.

Heap of legal trouble

The Post cited a never-before-heard-of “organization” of “professionals” and “experts” in national security, defense, the media, academia and other places who claimed that some 200 news and information sites online (Natural News was included on that list) were hand-fed election propaganda about Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton by the Kremlin, for the purpose of ensuring her defeat and ensuring a Trump victory.

To report that we, along with hundreds of other legitimate news organizations, are just media organs for Russian spy agencies is beyond the pale absurd. But the Post went with it anyway, and now it’s in a heap of trouble.

One of the sites that made the “list” of the shadowy group calling itself “PropOrNot” (Propaganda or not, we assume) was Naked Capitalism, a site which bills itself as one that offers “fearless commentary on finance, economics, politics and power.”

Now, because her site has been libeled, founder Yves Smith is threatening to sue the Post if it does not print a serious retraction (and for the record, we are demanding/threatening the same thing). In a post on her site, Smith demanded the apology and retraction or she plans to file a defamation lawsuit and seek monetary damages.

In her site post, Smith writes that her attorney, Jim Moody, is a seasoned litigator who has won cases he has argued before the U.S. Supreme Court. In addition, he is considerably experienced in First Amendment and defamation actions, including past cases Westmoreland v CBS and serving as counsel to Linda Tripp.

When did the Post stop verifying strong accusations before publishing them?

She noted that the Post was “taken for a ride by inept propagandists” when it decided to report that the Russians were using hundreds of U.S. news sites to spread anti-Clinton propaganda (the list contained right-leaning and left-leaning sites). Many other news organizations and reporters were approached but all decided that the “anonymous” nature of the request to turn PropOrNot’s “findings” into a major political news story was bogus.

All except the Post, that is. Call it institutional bias against any and all things and politicians Republican and conservative that led the Post to conclude the unnamed “experts” who supposedly formed PropOrNot actually existed, but the Post’s managing editors fell for this hook, line and sinker.

And now the paper is in a tenuous legal position.

But it didn’t have to be. As Smith pointed out, there were some pretty obvious, flagrant fabrications if anyone at the paper had actually bothered to check out and attempt to verify. Which led her to ask, rhetorically, “If the site is flagrantly false with respect to things that can be checked, why pray tell did The Washington Post and fellow useful idiots in the mainstream media validate and amplify its message?”

Strong claims normally demand equally strong proof, and yet the paper did nothing but give a megaphone to people who fabricated things with abandon. It’s no wonder members of the shady group “hide as much as they can about what they are up to; more transparency would expose their work to be a tissue of lies.”


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Study shows most students can’t tell fake news from real news /newsfakes/2016-12-12-study-shows-most-students-cant-tell-fake-news-from-real-news/ /newsfakes/2016-12-12-study-shows-most-students-cant-tell-fake-news-from-real-news/#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 Most young people are incapable of determining the difference between real news and fake stories (or “sponsored content”) they encounter online, and have difficulty evaluating online content overall for accuracy and reliability, according to a recent study.

Researchers from the Stanford Graduate School of Education surveyed 7,804 middle school to college age students to find out how capable they were of assessing the credibility of online content, and how they arrived at their conclusions.

The researchers found that 82 percent of middle-school students couldn’t tell the difference between a real news story and sponsored content, for example, and most were unable to accurately judge which online news sources were credible.

Young people not as ‘internet-savvy’ as most believe

The findings tend to contradict the common belief that most young people are extremely internet-savvy and au fait with social media. In fact, the opposite appears to be the case.

From the Stanford website:

“The new report covered news literacy, as well as students’ ability to judge Facebook and Twitter feeds, comments left in readers’ forums on news sites, blog posts, photographs and other digital messages that shape public opinion.

“The assessments reflected key understandings the students should possess such as being able to find out who wrote a story and whether that source is credible.”

The researchers developed age-appropriate tests for middle school, high school and college level students.

“In every case and at every level, we were taken aback by students’ lack of preparation,” said the authors.

Middle school students were tested on basic skills, including the ability to evaluate the credibility of various news articles or tweets:

“One assessment required middle schoolers to explain why they might not trust an article on financial planning that was written by a bank executive and sponsored by a bank. The researchers found that many students did not cite authorship or article sponsorship as key reasons for not believing the article.”

Another test involved the middle-schoolers’ ability to discern between real articles and advertisements on a news website. Although most students were able to identify traditional ads, more than 80 percent mistook “sponsored content” for legitimate news articles.

The assessments of high school students included the testing of social media skills. For example, high-schoolers were asked to evaluate two Facebook posts regarding Donald Trump’s candidacy.

One post was from Fox News and accompanied by a blue verification checkmark, while the other was from a fake Fox News site. Only one out of four students could identify and explain the meaning of the blue checkmark. More than 30 percent favored the fake story because it contained “key graphic elements” that were convincing-looking.

The researchers said this suggests that students may be more influenced by the look of social media posts than by the legitimacy of the sources. If a tweet contained a large photograph, for example, it was considered more believable by the students.

This same basic principle seemed to also hold true for college level students. When asked to evaluate the credibility of different websites, the students tended to trust websites with “high production values,” even if the content was somewhat questionable.

Nine out of 10 young adults get the news from social media platforms

With nearly 90 percent of young adults aged 18 and over relying on social media for news, it’s crucial for them to learn how to separate fact from fiction, the researchers said.

The study’s authors also admit that the educational system has fallen behind the times in terms of equipping young people with the skills necessary for critical assessment of online content.

While waiting for educators to catch up to the digital age, parents can take an active role in helping children learn how to apply critical judgment to what they see and read online, say the researchers.

Encourage your kids to compare sources and research the validity of news items before drawing conclusions, and to learn how to “navigate the sea of disinformation they encounter online.”


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NPR declares no more live interviews with conservatives – they make too much sense when not quoted out of context /newsfakes/2016-12-12-npr-declares-no-more-live-interviews-with-conservatives-they-make-too-much-sense-when-not-quoted-out-of-context/ /newsfakes/2016-12-12-npr-declares-no-more-live-interviews-with-conservatives-they-make-too-much-sense-when-not-quoted-out-of-context/#respond Wed, 30 Nov -0001 00:00:00 +0000 The public editor of National Public Radio (NPR), Elizabeth Jensen, recommended that the radio news service stop conducting live interviews with conservatives that have controversial views. Although the taxpayer-funded NPR has since clarified its policy and says that live interviews of conservatives will continue, it doesn’t undo the statement made by Jensen or its suggested implications that were made prior to NPR’s damage control statement.

The statement stemmed from an interview with a member of the Breitbart news organization. Joel Pollak is a Breitbart Senior Editor and In-house Counsel. On air, he defended Breitbart’s executive chairman Stephen K. Bannon from false claims of being an anti-Semitic white nationalist. This outraged some NPR listeners that an employee from Breitbart News was given the opportunity to defend the website and its chairman. Jensen concluded that live formatting allowed Pollak to take the upper hand in the interview. Jensen went on to express her opinion that those types of interviews should not be conducted live because it is difficult to contextualize them with limited time.

Jensen argued that contextualization has worked in similar interviews with former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, and white nationalist Richard Spencer. Pollack responded to reject NPR’s attempt to link Bannon, and website Breitbart, with white nationalism. The recommendations made by Jensen seem very similar to a statement made as a critique of left-wing pressure group, Media Matters. The critique stated “the interview failed to contextualize the true extent of Breitbart’s extremism under Bannon’s leadership.” Bannon took a leave of absence from Breitbart after being appointed Trump campaign CEO, he is currently Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor to President-elect Donald Trump.

Jensen applauded at the prospect of Bannon being described with the term “white nationalist”. Although Bannon disputes the term, Jensen linked to an internal NPR memorandum that suggested the term “white nationalist” should be used in stories on the “alt-right.”

This goes to show that many media outlets are insistent on taking things out of context to portray their desired views. So, NPR employees were upset that they failed to portray Bannon as an anti-Semitic, racist and white nationalist. They feel the need to link anything “alt-right” to white nationalism, but why? NPR considers it dangerous to allow interviewees the opportunity to express themselves fully. They wish to contextualize the content to their views, to appease their left-wing listeners. They view right-wing interviewees as their opponents and employ strategies like cutting them off mid speech to supply contrary views and control the output.

Breitbart News has supplied counter context for NPR’s move towards content control, suggesting that Congress cut off its funding and review its nonprofit status. Does it make sense that leftists shouldn’t use taxpayer money to release biased news? Sure.

On Monday, NPR clarified that it will continue to conduct live interviews of conservative guests. NPR has not changed its policy on live interviews, although recent questions and misunderstandings have arisen regarding the taping of live interviews. NPR says that Jensen’s expression was her opinion and not consistent with the views of the media outlet. Her role is to hear the public’s views and offer her judgement on them. NPR did however say that they always appreciate Jensen’s suggestions and take them seriously, although she does not set their policies.

Several subsequent commentators said that NPR would not be conducting live interviews with conservatives, which is incorrect. “Let me say in no uncertain terms, we would never apply a political litmus test to whether an interview is conducted live. Indeed, our preference is to interview news makers live. Whether an interview is done live or taped is a decision made by show producers based on the needs and logistics of their show and the availability of their guests. The most common reason to tape a news interview is simply that the guest is not available at the scheduled time. For example, Morning Edition is live from 5 a.m. – 7 a.m. Eastern. Our goal is to present the widest possible range of views to our audiences. I hope this clarifies how these decisions are made and sets the record straight.”


/newsfakes/2016-12-12-npr-declares-no-more-live-interviews-with-conservatives-they-make-too-much-sense-when-not-quoted-out-of-context/feed/ 0