How CNN poisoned the minds of Americans (and destroyed media credibility for the next decade)

In the short amount of time that he has been in office, President Trump has accomplished a number of things. He has successfully rolled back several of the Obama era regulations that were originally implemented by groups like the Environmental Protection Agency, appointed a Supreme Court justice that is committed to the Constitution and limited government, and started the process of repealing the Affordable Care Act. But ironically, one of the most significant things that Trump has accomplished since Inauguration Day has nothing to do with policy whatsoever; rather, it has to do with dealing with an institution that should have been dealt with a long, long time ago.

The mainstream media today is arguably more biased and more aggressive than it ever has been. It has gotten to the point where cable news networks like CNN and MSNBC are poisoning the minds of their viewers with the relentless, never-ending stream of fake news and propaganda being shot out across the airwaves. From the bogus dossier that they reported on with BuzzFeed alleging that Donald Trump has close connections to Russian officials, to a producer that was caught admitting that the Russia story is “mostly bullsh*t,” CNN has not only lost all their credibility, but they have also become something of a detriment to the American public.

As a result, CNN has seen their ratings start to plummet. According to TV Newser, on Tuesday, June 27, CNN failed to hit 900,000 viewers in any of its primetime timeslots. As a matter of fact, a significant amount of their evening lineup didn’t even hit 800,000 viewers. The closest the network came to 900,000 was during the 7 p.m. hour with 886,000.

Compared to Fox News and even MSNBC, these numbers are minuscule at best. On that same day, Fox News tripled CNN’s viewership in almost every single primetime timeslot, and MSNBC doubled CNN’s viewership for the majority of the evening. This is a clear sign that the American people are not accepting – and in fact, are flat out rejecting – the constant and pathetic attempts to drag down the President of the United States.

What’s astonishing is that CNN appears to be incapable of learning and adapting based on past experiences. Just like other left wing news outlets, CNN was predicting that Hillary Clinton would crush Donald Trump in the presidential election, which of course didn’t happen. But instead of taking the time to reflect upon themselves and the direction in which the country is heading in, CNN doubled down and became even more biased and deceitful than they were before.

But it’s not just CNN that is poisoning the minds of the American people. Various other liberal media outlets like New York Daily News have recently come under fire for their blatant anti-Trump bias as well. Yesterday, the New York Daily News reported on President Trump’s trip to Poland, alleging that “the First Lady of Poland appeared to snub Trump for a handshake… giving Trump yet another public rebuke during a foreign trip.”

However, a video clip of Trump’s encounter with First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda reveals that no such thing happened. First Lady Agata is seen first shaking Melania Trump’s hand, and then shaking the President’s hand – that’s it. There was no snubbing whatsoever, and yet that’s exactly what the left-leaning New York Daily News wanted you to believe.

On his radio program, conservative radio host Mark Levin often refers to ideologically-driven liberals as “drones,” and that is exactly what the progressive media is creating. They are quite literally brainwashing the American people, and setting our country up for a future free from independent and rational thought. It is extremely dangerous for any functioning society, and somehow, it must be stopped.

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