Join the nationwide call to stop CNN broadcasts across U.S. airports… it’s time to blackball fake news

Fake news network CNN just can’t stop lying and publishing fake news, which has prompted a social media revolution calling for the cable news channel to be barred from airports nationwide. A common sight on in many terminals across the country, CNN’s channel has reportedly already been axed from at least some television screens at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, and many people want to see it gone from everywhere else – permanently.

CNN’s latest self-inflicted wound of phony news came in the form of a threat to a former Reddit user who the network accused of creating a GIF image of President Trump tackling a man with a CNN logo for a head. After the president posted the image to his Twitter account – where it would become the most liked and shared “tweet” that the President has ever posted – CNN decided to go on a witch hunt to uncover who created it in the first place.

The network identified a Reddit user under the pseudonym of “HanA**holeSolo” who it claimed created the image. CNN contacted the user, apparently warning him that if he didn’t remove the photo and stop posting other “offensive” imagery, including photos identifying all of the Jewish employees who work for CNN, that the network would immediately share his real identity with its readers.

HanA**holeSolo quickly published a lengthy apology to Twitter that garnered the attention of the social media world – mainly users who were outraged that CNN would stoop so low as to threaten an internet user for exercising his free speech. Not only that, but CNN may have actually used illegal means to do so, further implicating the network in flagrantly violating its journalistic and ethical standards.

“One week after James O’Keefe destroyed CNN’s last shred of credibility, the network rife with ham-handed propagandists has doused itself in gasoline and lit a match – forever condemning themselves to irrelevancy and ridicule,” reads a report on the matter published by Zero Hedge.

“After a tweet from Mike Cernovich calling for airports to stop showing CNN, it’s been reported – with a crappy photograph, that Atlanta international airport has shut off the Very Fake News Network.”

CNN hypocrisy reaches new heights as failing network seals its own fate

Every CNN employee who attempted to capitalize on the threat of posting this Reddit user’s identity has faced immense backlash online. CNN’s Chris Cuomo almost immediately pulled a “tweet” he published asking his followers if his employer should reveal the name of the Reddit user because his page and website supposedly had a lot of “bigoted and hateful material” on it.

The “bigoted and hateful material” about which Cuomo tweeted – and then quickly pulled once he realized that everyone outside of his echo chamber didn’t think that it was all that “bigoted and hateful” – centers around an image depicting the disproportionate number of Jewish individuals who work for CNN. CNN itself, as you may recall, has on more than one occasion done the exact same thing against “whites,” demonizing President Trump’s cabinet for being “too white” – hello pot; meet kettle.

The whole charade isn’t doing CNN any favors, as the widespread backlash against this latest stunt plunges another nail into the coffin of CNNs rapidly dying legacy. Almost nobody trusts a word that the King of Fake News says or does anymore, including truth-seekers everywhere who are desperately seeking to pound in that final nail to forever quiet the lying loudmouths at CNN who continue to disgrace the reputation of real journalism with their tired shenanigans.

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